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Wallpixls (40 pack)

19.90 EUR / In stock.

Finally, you can bring pixels to the real world with Wallpixls!

These are 5mm thick 30x30mm laser cut acrylic pixels that have a self-adhesive backing that is easily attached and removed from walls. 

The adhesive will work well on wallpaper and gypsum. But if you are attaching the pixels to a more uneven wall surface (like concrete) you can get our foam tape squares that attaches the pixels securely.

Included with the purchase is a mounting template that makes it easy to lay out the pixels evenly with a 5mm spacing. (A 10x10 pixel design will be 10 x 30+5mm = 350mm large)

Sold in 40-pack, available in black and white. Make sure you get enough!

If you like, you can post your results with #wallpixls